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Welcome to The Complete Online Source for your flags and pennants! When youíre in the market for custom flags for your business or organization, thereís only one place to turn. At Discount Flag and Pennants, we offer the best variety of service and custom features that you need to ensure the perfect look every time. As a family owned business we understand the need for value and customer service. Thatís why we always offer the lowest prices available on all flags and pennants such as: custom flags, pennant flags, feather flags, and more. If you are looking for a quality made product without the worry of receiving substandard imported materials, then Flag and Pennants is the company you want. We use the highest quality material and inks for manufacturing the best and most affordable flags possible in North America. Discount Flag and Pennants helps you get the best flags and pennants that meet your requirements for quality and budget. We are a true discount Flag and Pennant store. With our purchasing power, we are able to buy at a discount, therefore we resell at a discount based on our cost. Check out our website and compare our prices. 

We provide the best possible service to you offering custom flags for every occasion including corporate events for advertising, fundraising or just celebrating an event. We assist you in making every event an outstanding one, with our huge catalogue of custom flags, feather flags, pennant strings, message flags, flutter flags, Automotive flags, bow banners, Pop up Banners, Retractable Banners, etc. As you select Discount Flag and Pennants for your custom flag needs, youíll be dealing with a business thatís been around since 1987. Since our inception, we have dedicated ourselves to offering you, our customer, the widest selection of custom flags available anywhere. We back up our amazing selection with service customers can count on. We will walk you through your order to ensure you get just the right design for your flags.
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Discount Flag and Pennants is your best source for American Flags, Feather Flags, Custom Flags, Custom Flags, Pennant Strings, Banners, Flutter Flags, Patriotic Flags, Festive Flags, Military Flags and Nautical Flags, bow flags, bow banners, Pop up Banners, Retractable Banners. You will find an amazing collection of promotional flags for businesses including automotive dealers. We also provide a large selection of custom made logo mats for your entry doorways and workplace.

We manufacture and deliver the highest quality US flags. Our experts are eager to address your inquiries about our flags and pennants. Our customer service is available through the toll free number mentioned below.
Toll Free: 1-800-585-4714

We have been serving our customers for the last 26 years. We are the most trusted name for flags and pennants in the USA. Our products are available to you in many colors and sizes at affordable prices.



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